Fiber to the Home


We came across a great video that we wanted to share which explains the benefits of Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

While a2b’s network is local access, we are not a FTTH provider. However, we can assist carriers and service providers to more quickly and cheaply deploy FTTH. Proponents of FTTH would simply have to construct the last piece of the connection to the home from our dark fiber network. Enjoy!

The video was commissioned by the FTTH Council of Europe. Thanks to @communitynets and fiberevolution for originally posting.


5 thoughts on “Fiber to the Home

  1. FTTH : Do you think it will be available anytime soon for 71 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Y2Z4 (604-782-7611). What kind of price point for a really low usage GigE burstable without ridiculous usage (like $1/GB and stuff on fiber like unet) fees? Thanks! Sean

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